Tuska Studio will continuously curate a catalog of inspired décor and commercial installations with the unwavering conviction set forth by Tuska hmself that all should  have the opportunity to experience the healing and inspiration of art in their lives regardless of status, struggles, ability or location in the world.

Created in 1997, Seth Tuska worked together with Tuska to create this working studio for commercial production of his celebrated works and profound expression of the story of the human condition.  

This collaboration - teacher and student, father and son, artist and engineer - fulfilled the request of Tuska's muse, Miriam, to share Tuska's life and his work.  

Tuska Studio is the primary resource to fund educational programs  and scholarship awards. 


The creation of Tuska Studio has enabled the development of not only a wonderful collection for art lovers everywhere but also a truly unique professional partner naturally able to integrate in multifaceted ways to benefit wellness facilities, health professionals, retail managers, art collectors and interior designers in a multitude

of ways.

Tuska Studio Embodies TUSKA’s story and work and offers décor, textile and structural elements commercially:

  • Art of the Human Condition
  • Art of Self Reflection
  • Art of the Study
  • Inspirations
  • Home and Garden Décor
  • Gift Shop
  • Custom Production Services

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Custom Projects

Many items are fully customizable, please feel free to contact us to inquire about particular items.

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