EUPHORIA: Discovering your body for life.

Euphoria is the latest program in development for blending art into meaningful and life-long inspirations for wellness. It is a combination of art exploration therapy, motivational counseling, tailored exercise and achievable diet.

Euphoria is positioned to utilize the Arts as the preparation of the mind for meditation and the embracing of the incremental adaptations the program prescribes for life-long change.

Euphoria is being designed to remove the “harsh right turn” tactics traditional weight loss and strength programs demand in the lifestyle of the participant. While generating amazing results for the small percentage of committed individuals, these “cold turkey” ultimatum-styled programs fail to truly transform the vast majority of Americans.

Euphoria is for individuals needing something to hold on to, something they can literally digest and truly incorporate into their daily lives that will lead them to the discovery of their personal body for LIFE!

MYTHOS: Tuska's Art of Self Reflection

This interactive experiential program is

specifically designed to pose life's big

questions to inspire the viewer  to see and

recognize their own path and where they

are in this earthly journey.

The visitor is invited to follow along Tuska's

life displayed in 19 prints and companion sketch book that is theirs to keep. The works span from early pieces developed while still a student himself through to his final pieces facing mortality and reflecting on his own journey.

MYTHOS is the perfect inclusion for school, spa, wellness and assisted living programming as well as corporate retreat and team-building events.

ONE BEAD. ONE STORY: Clay's power to heal.

Through the transformative effects of clay therapy, One Bead. One Story. helps turn emotions and expressions into tangible shapes by one's own sensory control of the clay.  This offers an invaluable ability to work through issues like grief, loss, and fear and guide the participant from painful emotional experiences to inner growth and healing.

The participants will roll handmade ceramic beads and share their story or reasons they support the cause that has united all in attendance.

Participation may be in group “bead parties” facilitated by individuals, businesses or non-profits and through the One Bead Chain available through Tuska Studio.

MYTHOS is available in several unique arrangements and includes full print and product support for your gifting, fundraising or retail operations.

  • Private Scheduled Event
  • Self-Guided Standing Installation
  • Public Museum / Gallery Show 
  • Spa / Wellness Programing
  • Unique Dinning Experience
  • ​Corporate Events
  • TUSKA: The Human Condition

    60 Works from 1964 - 1993

    The quintessential retrospective of Tuska's unbound creativity and relentless desire to produce.

    This exhibit has been painstakingly curated to fully introduce one of America’s artistic treasures to the world. Every piece an original, the breadth of this prolific artist and master of multiple mediums is designed for long-term engagements and can come supported by reproductions, prints, gift items and select original works for inclusion in the supporting gallery’s retail operations.