A Unique Dining Experience

Tuska Studio is honored to create the annual awards for the International SPA Association.

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       The ISPA Awards

​Chef Ranada Riley was "all-in" when the concept began to form.

Start with a private showing of MYTHOS: Tuska's Art of Self Reflection, add a table setting for an intimate gathering and pour in the uninhibited creativity of an amazing Chef. The result: a seven course meal artfully prepared and inspired by pieces of the MYTHOS collection.

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Taking Him Home to Brooklyn

"Thank you" just is not powerful enough to express our gratitude to Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams and his staff. It is a great pleasure to officially launch the newest Tuska Studio Art & Wellness Program in Borough Hall.

MYTHOS: Tuska’s Art of Self Reflection is an interactive experience conceived to provide you with a moment to reflect upon your body, mind and spirit, to trust your personal struggle, to empower survival and inspire you to follow your dreams.

The word mythos derives from ancient Greece and means “story.” This art experience is but one man’s story of a journey as told through a unique selection of his body of works.

MYTHOS: Tuska’s Art of Self Reflection encourages you to take a long look into a mirror and ponder the questions TUSKA wrestled with throughout his life:

Where have I been? Where am I now? Where do I want to go? Where is my muse?

What inspires me to be me?

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