Inspire. Educate. Empower. Celebrate.

The Tools to Create.
Among his many commitments, Tuska deeply cared about providing young men and women opportunities to actualize their potential through the arts regardless of their socio-economic status. A critical component of the Tuska Legacy is to provide scholarships to artists of all ages, particularly those from vulnerable and/or low-income populations.

Scholarships are financed through sales of Original Tuska works as well as products available through the Tuska Studio.

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Life is a Celebration.
Tuska believed that human diversity was a great strength, yet embedded in the human condition there was also much commonality. From the cradle to the grave, we embark on a journey of self-discovery. We engage purposeful encounters with others. We yearn to leave proof of our having lived and loved. We carve initials of our beloved’s and our own in the trunk of a tree, we create rituals to celebrate relationships, and mourn losses. Tuska lived by the motto that one life is not enough, but since it is all we get, we mustn’t waste it. He chose to rejoice in his journey, and when he could, he stopped to take in the view from wherever he stood. His contributions transcended the actual materials he left behind. He didn’t just make art, through his art; he made meaning and encouraged others to do the same.

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Art is inspiration.

Tuska opened a door to the creative process of discovery, imagination, reflection and authentic expression of the human condition. As he walked through that door, he discovered his own unique and visionary voice. We are committed to ensuring that this door remains open. We know that the path leads to the kind of passion and purpose that Tuska embodied in his life and that was mirrored in his art. Simply put, we hope to provide students and educators with opportunities to literally wrap themselves in the inspiration of Tuska. We hope our curated experiences and exhibits foster the human desire to create expressively every day.

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Forever the Teacher

Known and beloved by so many as an educator, Tuska believed in providing students not only with experiential and engaging learning opportunities in the classroom, but to view the world as an extended classroom. He was fascinated with the human body, movement, poetry and history. He was enamored by the use of metal and clay, paint and paper, oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors. He loved bold colors, but was equally captivated by charcoal and newsprint. He understood that imagination could only be nurtured, not taught, and this is a cornerstone of our educational programs, projects and experiences provided to schools and non-profit organizations.

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