The Tuska Legacy

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  • Promote Healing Through the Arts
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Seth Tuska

Tuska Legacy Director and Son

“A brilliant renaissance man who through his powerful Art of the Human Condition offers a philosophy which brings the soul forward. A story of life’s lessons which will live in our hearts for all generations to come”

Ruth Stricker
The Marsh Spa

From Friends of Tuska

Legacy Director

John Regis Tuska

Art Heals!

It is real and it is needed now more than ever. There is no escaping the clouds of uncertainty and the swell of energy that seems to prevail in our daily lives. 

Everyone at Tuska is filled with the spiritual empowerment the arts can inspire in all of us. The intrinsic connection of wellness through the arts could never be more important.

We continue to gather partners, educators and art lovers to continue our program development and to empower every child, every veteran, every aging loved one with the healing power of art.

                                        Countless                                                  studies have                                              proven an                                                  unmistakable                                            correlation                                                between our level of health and happiness and the role art plays in our life. From an active appreciation to collecting and decorating our surroundings to creating our own, wellness is enhanced by art.

Continued thanks to Dr. Heidi Heft laPorte for her consulting in our programming development.

Art Heals

“I have had many media changes in my life, since I do not feel one media answers all of the visual questions that concern me.  I have always generated the premise “what if?”.  There are always questions, and the possible answers are what I produce." - Tuska

Art can

change a life!

With your help, we will give the gift of creative artistic exploration and the powerful message of art’s ability to heal to the most vulnerable in our communities. 

Your gift of $10 will provide the gift of art to a child of your choice and another we will find who desperately needs something to count on. We may not reach them all but futures, like communities, are built one child at a time.

The Tuska Programs

Tuska: Be A Lion

Our mission is the continued embodiment of American artist, educator and philosopher, John Regis Tuska (1931-1998)

Tuska is reflecting and acting upon the philosophy of Non Basta Una Vita™-One Life is Not Enough.  

We celebrate the importance of art in the healing process.